vSpin Active Decanting System

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  • GET ULTIMATE FLAVOUR & AROMA from your favourite wines with this remarkable vSpin Active Decanting System. This is the electronic decanter that aerates wine with a special vortex. It's like a delicate tornado magnificently aerating and oxidizing your wine. You won't believe how much RICHER and SMOOTHER your wine tastes.
  • FULLY DECANTS IN JUST 5 MINUTES. Normally you spend 2-6 hours properly decanting and aerating wine. But this remarkable electric wine aerating decanter spins the center of the wine rapidly pulling in fresh air. In just 5 minutes you are enjoying the full bouquet and aroma of your wine. What a difference!
  • PATENTED ORIGINAL TECHNOLOGY to gently stir your wine. This pulls in air and mixes it with wine in a perfect aeration process. You get a smoother, more fulfilling taste far faster than traditional decanters.
  • LED DISPLAY shows the decanting process and indicates when the decanter is ready for use. Hand assembled in Germany by world renowned Spiegelau. Great for parties, restaurants, wine bars, wineries, and anywhere else you want amazing fully decanted wine in just minutes!
  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY (excluding batteries) ensures your investment will last for many years to come. Many people are buying this then recommending it enthusiastically for friends. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this revolutionary electric wine aerating decanter in stock. This makes a wonderful gift for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, and for friends and family.

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