Coravin - Model Six (Piano Black)

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Model Six takes elegance to the next level. Choose from a variety of sophisticated colours, all with glossy finishes, metallic accents, and premium accessories. This luxury Wine Preservation System is perfect for hosts, connoisseurs, and tastemakers.

The Coravin Model Six Pack brings together the absolute best of the best of Coravin for a truly elevated wine experience. In each lavish set, you’ll find our most exquisite Coravin: The Model Six, the only System in the Coravin line with a selection of stylish colours for a personalized experience. This pack is the ultimate Coravin experience, at home and on the go.

Box Contains

Coravin Model Six - Silver (Standard Needle included)
Three (3) Coravin™ Capsules (pressurised argon gas)
Carry Case
Six (6) Screw Caps
Needle Cleaning Tool