Coravin Model One Wine System (White)

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The Coravin Model One Wine System with young and friendly design features a soft touch grip and premium Coravin Capsules that let you pour wine effortlessly without removing the cork— so you can enjoy the rest of the bottle another day.

Coravin Model One (Standard Needle included) includes:

  • Two (2) Coravin™ Capsules (pressurized argon gas)
  • Needle Clearing Tool
  • User Guide
  • 2 years warranty

Access the wine
A thin hollow needle is inserted through the cork to access the wine

Pressurise and pour
The bottle is pressurised with argon, an inert gas with no effect on the taste profile of the wine. The wine then flows through the needle and into the glass.

Remove and reseal
The needle is removed from the cork and the cork reseals, protecting the wine from oxidation, allowing you to enjoy your wine glass by glass, weeks or months later.


Wine access needle
The thin, non-coring, medical grade needle passes through the cork to access and pour the wine, leaving the cork intact. When the needle is removed, the cork reseals and continues to protect the wine.

Coravin Capsules
Coravin’s proprietary argon gas capsules create a perfect seal in the system so that even months after initial use, no gas will escape.

The Coravin System’s ergonomic handle and trigger design enables easy pouring and control.

The clamp is designed to fit securely on standard bottles as large as magnums. It also allows the Coravin System to stand on its own when not in use.


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